A Guide to Clearing Negative Energy

A Guide to Clearing Negative Energy

Everything in this universe behaves in the form of energy and waves. Everything vibrates at a certain frequency.

Given this information, we can argue that our intuition is actually scientific. When we get a “weird feeling in our gut,” we are actually experiencing an uncomfortable frequency…or a “bad vibe.”

Think of clearing negative energy like this…we take showers and baths to cleanse our physical body. But how often to we cleanse our minds? Our soul and our chakras are carrying energy and vibrations that we often neglect to clean. Cleansing away negative energy, as hippie-dippy as that may sound to you, can have a profound effect on your mental health. When you dispose of low frequencies and bad vibrations, you make room for good vibes to come in. See? Science. 😉

Here are some examples:

Sage: Burning sage is one of the oldest traditions for cleansing a space. And luckily, there are all types of sage sprays on the market now if you live in a place where burning sage isn’t appropriate. The benefit to liquid smudge is that you can carry it with you and cleanse the energy in your car, work space, etc. Not to mention it’s safer and less of a hassle than burning something.

Crystals: Selenite is the ultimate cleansing crystal. Clear quartz is another good one. Having these crystals with you or in your space can help balance and negate bad energy.

Water: Cleansing yourself with water, especially in nature, is calming to the nervous system. Falling water is especially beneficial because it releases negative ions, which help calm and stabilize your energy.

Things That No Longer Serve Me: Keeping track of the things in your life- whether it’s material possessions, relationships, or grudges- that no longer bring you joy will help you prioritize and create the life you love. Write down these things (or, if you can, get rid of them!) and burn up the list or rip it up and throw it away. You’re symbolically chucking out negative forces and making space for better opportunities.

Sound Therapy: This topic deserves its own post, but I had to include it here. While singing bowls and chimes work wonders, even hanging up some wind chimes will help brighten the energy in your home. Why? The sound waves released will produce a musical, pleasant vibration which helps counteract bad vibes.

Releasing & Opening Up: One of the most important components- actually releasing this negative energy! There’s a reason why stretching and moving your body feels so good- opening up and releasing tight or blocked muscles helps “unclog” your neurological pathways. This means that when you stretch, get a massage, or exercise, you are literally re-wiring your system! Amazing, and another reason to try yoga. Aside from your physical body, opening up your mind, spirit, car windows, whatever…and letting in light, fresh air, and welcoming new possibilities sends negative energy out and away.

Make sure to release negative energy in these constructive ways instead of passing it on to someone else (and maybe I’ll do a blog post on that topic in the future!) But for now, I hope this post was interesting & helpful to you!

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