Living Your Truth (Throat Chakra Talks)

Living Your Truth (Throat Chakra Talks)

Happy Thursday!

Lately I’ve set out on a mission to “loosen up.” To try new things, let myself go, and be in the present. When you’re blocked and holding yourself back, you’re not living your truth. You’re living the story you tell yourself. 

Your truth is who you are in this moment. It doesn’t matter what’s “gone wrong” in the past because guess what…you can totally jump cities and change your name and you’ve created a new identity for yourself. It’s that easy (and doesn’t even need to be so extreme). And who you are in your future can only depend on your truth in this moment…so stop telling yourself stories.

In the United States especially, we’re prudish with ourselves. We’re afraid of expressing vulnerability, sexuality…we’re too modest. For example, I worried about getting a tattoo in a visible place because “What if a potential employer won’t hire me because it’s unprofessional?” Then I said to heck with that, because I wanted the tattoo and I didn’t want to ever work for someone who couldn’t accept me for how I am. All my life, I’ve worried about pushing the envelope. I always asked myself the question, “Am I revealing too much?” In some situations, it’s frowned upon to be open and free. I wish that didn’t exist, but it does. It takes courage to be free-spirited in a world that wants to put you in a mold. 

Living your truth opens up your communication with the world. The second you decide to live by your own standards and no one else’s, you raise your frequency and attract like-minded people. To me, the throat chakra isn’t just about speaking words. It’s about what we express, verbally and non-verbally, about who we are. It’s how we choose to connect with the Universe and with the physical world around us.

It takes practice to live your truth in a world where the straight and narrow seems to be the only way. There are billions of people on this planet and with that billions of spiritual paths. So get back to your own instead of following someone else’s.

Open the throat chakra!

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