New Moon, New Chapter

New Moon, New Chapter

It’s a new moon, star children!!

We’ve made it through the final eclipse of the summer, and at the end of this month, the planets are finally going to settle down. (That’s right…retrograde season is coming to an end!) This new moon marks the beginning of a chapter for a lot of us. We’re closing in on the end of summer and starting the back-to-school season.

While I’m not moving out and starting my life over, I’m definitely making some major changes. This month, I’ll be starting school and a new full-time job. It’s exciting and feels right…and after a chaotic summer of trying to pull my life together, I feel like I’ve finally struck a balance that will work for me. 

As you make this transition from summer to fall, no matter what phase of life you’re in, I encourage you to take what’s no longer serving you off your plate and have a look at your life with fresh eyes. As Ron Swanson says, don’t half-ass two things, use your whole ass for one. Shut down this wild summer with a clear focus. It will bring you some much-needed calm.

Embrace this new moon and use it to manifest your true desires. It’s perfect timing to set goals for your new school year.

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