Staying Grounded Through So Much Change

Staying Grounded Through So Much Change

Anyone else feeling super scattered lately?

The beginning of school always feels chaotic, but for some reason it’s more intense this year. Maybe it’s because it’s college, or maybe it’s because I’m also working full time and have a lot on my plate. Either way, I feel unbalanced and ungrounded.

One of my goals this week is to become more rooted and take more time to check in with myself. I’ve learned that I source my value externally by challenging myself, which creates a lot of unnecessary stress in my life. For example, I take harder classes or pick up more shifts as a way to prove to myself that I am worthy. This behavior creates stress in my life and instead of taking responsibility for over-scheduling myself, I blame the class or the job for stressing me out. I’m stressing myself out and looking to assign blame externally so that I feel validated internally.

Any time we take on something new- a class, a job, a relationship- that thing affects the balance of our life. A new school year brings a lot of change and it’s our responsibility to stay grounded and remember our intentions as we enter a chaotic time.

Even just five minutes of grounding a day- whether that’s being present in nature, following a guided meditation, or establishing a routine- can make all the difference.

How are you staying grounded this fall?

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