Making Time for Adventures

Making Time for Adventures

Lately, I have found myself in a sort of cycle.

College, work, exercising, socializing, sleep.

Which is all good and of course important in my life. But sometimes I want something more…

I have a tendency to make my life busy and difficult even when it doesn’t need to be. If I don’t have work to do, I create more work. I complain about being busy, but I don’t know what to do when I don’t have a task.

It rarely occurs to me to just let it all go and have an adventure. I am very attracted to adventurous, fun-loving people. I think because all my life I’ve been such a goody two-shoes that I love being around people who help me let go and live.

So how do we make time for adventures? How do we have a healthy routine with a good dose of fun?

First of all, simplify your everyday. Make a list of what you normally do, and decide what might be unnecessary. For example- do you absolutely need to go out to lunch, check social media, and watch TV every day? Everything in small doses. It’s hard at first, trust me, but you’ll find you have a lot more time on your hands. Lately I’ve been trying to avoid excess.

And then- just start saying yes. I started doing this last spring. I didn’t let any of my “What if” thoughts stand in my way. Should I go to the beach today, even though there’s a chance of rain? Yes. Should I go out to dinner even though its 10pm on a weeknight? Yes. And if a friend asked- hey, do you want to go do this thing with me? I started saying yes. At first, it was a big deal to me, just jumping in on last-minute plans. But as I learned to let go of my precious schedule, those moments became bigger. I got so used to being out of my comfort zone that I recently found myself agreeing to go on a weekend trip to NYC and booking a plane ticket. Something I never would have dreamed of if I hadn’t practiced inviting adventure into my life and letting go of expectations.

Know your limitations, though- follow your gut. I don’t allow myself to feel pressured to say yes to everything. Sometimes you aren’t up to it or have another plan. Once in a while though, and it takes practice…I think the best way to find time for adventures is to take them as they come. Invite a little spontaneity. Those are often the best memories.




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