How to Deal with Burnout

How to Deal with Burnout

The midterm slump…

It’s the middle of the semester, and you might be getting tired. It’s common to get burnt out. There are ways to overcome burnout, but in order to combat it, you first need to admit to yourself that it’s happening. Maybe you’re feeling less motivated than usual, or you’re struggling with your routine. Whether you’re in high school college, or working, we all hit a funk sometimes. Here are some ways to fight it:

A change of scenery: We’re all guilty of sticking to what we like. You probably study at the same location regularly, or always take the same route to work. Throw something different into the mix and you’ll be surprised how it can lift you up.

Take a break: Go on a weekend trip. No, it doesn’t have to be expensive. You can crash on someone’s floor. Sometimes the best way to get out of your funk is to leave it behind at home and come back with fresh eyes.

Talk to someone inspiring: Who do you know who does exactly what you want to do? Talk to them and listen to their guidance. They’ll be flattered you asked for their input, and you might walk away with new advice.

Take it easy: Us Americans tend to think that if we’re not exhausting ourselves, we’re slacking. You are a human being. If you’re burned out, it means you took on too much in the first place. Remove what no longer serves you!

Make a change: If you’ve tried all the tips above and nothing is working, it might be time to take it a step further and really examine your life. Are you truly happy with your choices? If not, what can you change to make it better?

I hope this post was helpful and I wish you the best if you’re feeling burnt out. We all go there sometimes; hopefully you pull yourself out of it soon! 🙂

Love you guys.



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