Best Art Movies You NEED to Watch!

Best Art Movies You NEED to Watch!

I know that not everyone is interested in art documentaries. Personally, they’re my favorite thing to watch and I’ve found a lot of good ones lately. So, if you are a mega nerd like me and actually enjoy watching these things, here’s a great list for you:

Factory Girl: This movie follows Edie Sedgwick’s involvement with Andy Warhol during the Pop Art movement. Edie becomes Warhol’s “muse” but quickly falls into a downward spiral. It’s a very well-done movie but it’s for mature audiences!

Beltracchi: The Art of Forgery: This movie is on Netflix and is one of the most fascinating stories you will ever hear. This man and his wife managed to forge paintings for years without being caught. The movie shows the process of creating a forged work and explains what finally gave him away.

Raiders of the Lost Art: This series is available on Netflix and each episode focuses on a particular artist and stolen/missing artworks. For example- the theft of the Mona Lisa, the Monuments Men, and a lot more. It’s my new favorite thing!

Saving Banksy: This Netflix documentary examines the removal and exhibition of one of Banksy’s famous rats. The documentary provides a lot of insight on graffiti art and museum profits. Not to mention, it gives us more clues about who Banksy really is!

I hope this list gave you some ideas. Even if you’re not an avid art fanatic, these movies are fun to watch once in a while and show just how complex the art world is!

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