Calming Night Rituals to Prevent Anxiety

Calming Night Rituals to Prevent Anxiety

Hello, dear friends,

Today I am sharing some of my favorite evening routines to help put me in a calmer state of mind before I go to sleep.

Lighting candles: I love candles- they’re so cozy! If you aren’t allowed candles or incense where you live, you can use a diffuser or a wax warmer. There are hundreds of aromatherapy scents on the market, but my personal favorite candle is the Hot Cocoa & Cream one from Bath & Body Works/White Barn. I burn through these in the wintertime like nobody’s business.

Stretching: Sometimes I put on a yoga video, but other times I just freestyle and do whatever stretches I feel like I need. Oftentimes when I go to yoga classes I’m never quite ready to leave child’s pose, but when I’m at home I can stay as long as I want! Also- sometimes I use essential oil blends to relieve pain. My favorite one is Past Tense from doTerra. I want to mention that this specific blend might seem pretty expensive- around $25 for a small roll-on- but I have never experienced such immediate relief from my head and neck tension. To me, it is worth every penny (even on my college budget!! Haha).

Journaling: I recently started doing more detailed pages in my journal with colorful pens, and adding all the doodles and colors is really therapeutic. It helps me get my ideas into a more tangible form. I like making lists of intentions, whether they’re for school, recovery, or life in general. I can refer back to them when I’m feeling really down and seeing the detail and work I put into the pages motivates me. I even have a “stress page” where I put sticky notes of things that are bothering me, and then I can close the book and not look at those thoughts until I’m better prepared to deal with them.

Tea: I used to hate tea, but I’ve become quite fond of it as of late. At night I drink decaf of course, but it makes me feel warm and calm. Even the ritual of preparing a cup of tea can be relaxing.

Books: I have been trying to read books instead of checking my phone before I go to bed. When I look at social media, I compare myself to others without even realizing most of the time. It’s not a healthy habit. Books can be inspiring, motivating, and educational, making me a more well-rounded human being rather than wasting my time doing something I know isn’t productive. I’ve been reading Stephen Hawking’s book, Brief Answers to the Big Questions, and if you’re interested in theoretical physics or outer space you would love it!

I know some of these routines seem obvious, but I find that they really do help prevent anxiety before it happens. I also want to include a little disclaimer that once my anxiety hormones start pumping, I usually have to do something more active to exert myself. (I can do another post on that in the future.) This was to share some more preventative tips. And of course you can do these activities even if you don’t have anxiety, but are just looking for calming, healthy habits!

Thanks for reading, and let me know if I should do a full school/work night routine before my semester ends!! 🙂

Love you all. xxxx


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