My Next Chapter (About My Life Now)

My Next Chapter (About My Life Now)

I haven’t been saying much on here about where I’m off to…

Didn’t want to jinx it 😛

I decided to write this post and fill in some gaps in case you were wondering what the heck my plans are (lol).

Back in May, I decided to withdraw from Kent State and attend community college/get my yoga teacher training. The program at the Cleveland Clinic is excellent and I recommend it to everyone- even to people who aren’t avid yoga practitioners. As I am approaching the end, (only three more months and I’m done!) I can say with confidence that this education has changed me for the better. I am more compassionate, more knowledgeable, and more self-aware. It was not an easy semester and I have done a lot of crying, therapy, and soul-searching, but I did find my way and I’m thankful for it now. It was the perfect opportunity to recover from burnout. (The result of always being so hard on myself.)

After a few weeks at Lakeland, I started thinking about transferring. One day, I was walking through the main lobby to one of my classes and saw a representative from Kent State at a table. “Should I go talk to her? I’ll see if she’s still there after class. Then I’ll go talk to her,” I told myself. Sure enough, after my class let out, she was still there. I hesitated, then I went up and said hello. I explained that I’d applied to KSU for undergrad last year and that I was thinking of transferring out of Lakeland. One thing led to another and I found out I could be at Kent by spring. “What is it you’re thinking of doing?” she asked me, and sheepishly, I replied, “Art history.” Her face lit up and within a few hours I had heard from the art school. I could visit by the end of the week.

So I did! It was amazing how easily everything started falling into place. Since most of my information was still on record from when I applied in high school, getting started for next semester was pretty simple. There’s been a lot of work making arrangements, but I’m finally ready to commit. I was reluctant to going for it because of what people would think- I’ve changed my mind a lot in the past year about what I want to do but I know this will work out because I’m actually following through. I’m majoring in art history and minoring in Spanish. I’m so excited!

And as for what I’ll do after college? Who knows, that’s a long way away. I’m sure I’ll figure it out.

I’ll be moving to Kent around the turn of the year and I will of course keep you updated. 🙂 I applaud you for keeping up with my antics.

Big changes are coming! 😀

Thanks for reading.


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