Winter Night Routine 2018

Winter Night Routine 2018

What I do most nights:

After a day of school or work, I usually go to the gym in the late afternoon/evening. I spend about an hour there doing cardio and strength workouts.


These are my feet on the icky gym floor…

Then, I come home and eat dinner. Today I had my leftovers from Whole Foods!


Squash, brussels sprouts, tofu, cauliflower, and quinoa salad!

After dinner, I do some studying. I only have one week of classes left, so I’m tying up my loose ends before finals.


Psychology notes (because what else would I be doing)

I always have to make a cup of tea or hot chocolate!


The Warriors blew a 3-1 lead

After I’ve been sitting for what feels like an eternity, I need some yoga! Sometimes I follow a Yoga with Adriene video (tonight I did one for low back pain).


Yoga selfie 😛

I always light a candle! Notice my lovely yellow roses that I bought at Heinen’s earlier this week…I needed to see some fresh flowers during this dismal winter season. 🙁


Hot Chocolate & Cream is the best candle!

Next, I take a shower and get my pajamas on. Should I do an updated favorites post with my current products? I went on a Lush rampage about a month ago and found some new (eco-friendly!) products that I love.


I love my new slippers!

Finally, it’s time to curl up with YouTube and Netflix (and my cat, of course). This is how I wind down after a busy day. Today, I watched a new Netflix Christmas special called The Princess Switch. It was a super cheesy romantic movie, which I love (guilty pleasures). I also caught up on texting some friends before I went to sleep. Sometimes I read before bed, but I don’t have any books that I’m reading at the moment.


After all that it’s lights out…even though I will probably have insomnia.


Say hello to my sweet kitty! Aka the love of my life <3

That was my winter night routine for college/work! I hope you liked it. Maybe I will do a morning routine with my few days left in the semester!

Thanks for reading. 🙂


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