Yoga Poses for Finals Week!

Yoga Poses for Finals Week!

My dear students,

It’s that awful time of year…final projects, exams, grades, oh my. Here are some yoga poses I put together to help you de-stress this finals season.


Try these poses after you’ve been hunched over your computer all day. It will help make sure you don’t develop back pain. For cow pose, drop your belly toward the floor and lift your heart forward. For cat pose, tuck your chin and pull your ribs in like a Halloween cat.



Downward Dog: 

This mild inversion will help blood circulation and stretch many areas at once. Use this pose when you’re feeling fatigued and need a brain boost! Drop your heels toward the ground, press your butt toward the sky, and let your neck be long. Make sure your arms and hands are active in this pose!



I know, I know. Everyone hates planks! You know why? They’re hard. You know why they’re hard? Because they’re good for you! Tucking your toes, draw your belly button in and keep your butt in line with the rest of your body. Keep your spine long and remember to keep your elbows at your sides. When you start to lose your form, come out of the pose. So what are the benefits to doing plank when you’re busy? It’s stabilizing and strengthening, and breaking a sweat can help reduce your stress.


Warrior Two:

Power pose time! Stepping one foot forward and the other perpendicular, about one or two feet apart, lift your arms and keep your chest lifted high. Remember to keep your tailbone tucked in to protect your back. This pose is balancing and builds confidence- so do it before a big exam or presentation!


I spy a cat tail…lol


This pose is very relaxing, so try it after a test or before you go to sleep after a long day of studying. Lying flat on your belly, rest your forehead on the mat/floor and if that’s uncomfortable, you can place your hands on top of each other and rest your head on your hands. Point your toes so that your feet are relaxed and keep your chin tucked.


I hope you all like these poses and that they help you refresh and re-set this finals season. Good luck on your exams! Thanks for reading.





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