Transferring Colleges: Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know

Transferring Colleges: Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know

Well, I did it. I took the leap and transferred schools. Now that I’ve transferred not once, but twice (once in high school and again now) I consider myself somewhat an expert. So, I’m compiling a list of everything you might want to know about the transferring process. (Note this does not include any info about when you actually get to the new college- because my new semester hasn’t started yet!)

  1. It is easier than you think: It’s important to know that transferring is always an option. I think we all know this, but at the same time we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to choose the right college in high school. You might get there and hate it, and that’s okay because there are plenty of schools that will accept you right before the start of the semester. All you have to do is fill out a transfer application and the rest follows.
  2. But you have to want it: Unlike in high school, no one is going to be standing over your shoulder making sure you take care of everything. As a college student, that’s on you. Stay on top of your stuff and make sure you communicate with the school you’re transferring to (and the one you’re leaving). It’s better to be a pain in the ass than to miss something important.
  3. It helps to visit: The more I went to visit Kent, the more comfortable I became with my decision. I learned my way around and made some friends so the change doesn’t feel so scary. I recommend looking up events and orientations to familiarize yourself with the campus.
  4. Sit in on some classes: Before I truly made a decision on whether or not to transfer, I actually sat in on some classes in my intended major. That solidified my decision, so I recommend getting in touch with an academic advisor to see if it’s a possibility. It probably is!
  5. There is no rush: College will always be there, so don’t feel like you have to make a decision right away. You have as much time as you need to decide.
  6. Be prepared to pay: There’s a fee for everything nowadays, so be prepared to be charged here and there for things that might seem ridiculous.
  7. Find a good advisor: If you speak on the phone or meet with someone who seems really helpful and knowledgable, get their information and stay in contact. If it weren’t for my academic advisor, I’m not sure I’d even be going to Kent.
  8. Talk to your friends who go there: Ask their advice. Go visit them. Sleep over. It helps you to get a feel for what life is like wherever you’re going.
  9. Make it worth your while: What is it you don’t like about your current school? Figure out why you want to transfer to ensure you have a better experience somewhere else.
  10. Don’t just transfer to the first place you find: Take your time and think about it. Transferring is kind of a pain, so you want to make sure you consider everything before you take the plunge.

I hope this was helpful if you’re considering transferring. It’s a lot of work, but trust me, you won’t mind doing it if you want to move badly enough. 😉

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