18 Things I Learned in 2018

18 Things I Learned in 2018

Earlier this year, I did an “18 Things I Learned by 18” post (a tradition on my birthday each year). Today, I am sharing 18 more things that this year has taught me.

  1. Follow your heart, not the traditional path: When I decided to take a semester at community college, I was hard on myself. However, that choice led me to where I was meant to end up. It’s hard not to compare yourself to other people, but I promise it will only make you feel worse. Do your thang.IMG_1278
  2. Travel is best with good company: When I left for my NYC trip, I didn’t know anyone besides Natalie…but by night two, we were all crying laughing in the Airbnb kitchen at midnight. I left New York with some amazing new friends. IMG_2428
  3. You can’t work your problems away: You have to face them eventually.
  4. Mental health is important: The most important.
  5. Relationships come and go: Love isn’t free, it takes work. But it shouldn’t feel like work.
  6. You can’t make everyone like you: It’s irrational to believe every person you meet will like you.
  7. If you follow your dreams, the rest will come: The money, the house, the person, whatever. If you pursue what you truly desire, the rest always falls into place.IMG_2091
  8. Cherish people: Life is finite. Enjoy small moments with people you love.
  9. You have a limited amount of fucks to give: So give a fuck about things that actually matter.
  10. Be kind: I like to assume the best of people. If someone is rude to you, just be nice back. Being mean won’t make you feel better.
  11. Get out in nature: Even if it’s cold…nature is healing.IMG_2572
  12. It’s okay to be sad sometimes: Life isn’t all about being happy. If you’re sad, allow yourself to be sad. If you’re angry, allow yourself to be angry! There are so many different emotions. Give yourself permission to feel them.
  13. You don’t need so much stuff: You can live with much less than you think. So if having a lot of belongings is a security blanket, ask yourself what might be causing a feeling of insecurity.
  14. Have fun: Get out of the house. Go to parties. Live.IMG_2569
  15. Sit up straight: Good posture is the key to good health.
  16. You can do anything, but not everything: So choose wisely.
  17. Enjoy moments: Treasure the moments when you feel joy. You might not feel great for an entire day, or an entire week, but even a small moment can make all the difference. Those are the memories we keep.IMG_2277
  18. If you’re unhappy, change something: Be brave.

Those are 18 things I learned in 2018. What a year it was.

I will be spending 2019 wrapped up in a new adventure…Kent!

Love you. Happy (almost) New Year.


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