More Than Just a Cat

More Than Just a Cat

This Christmas Eve, I got some very sad news.

My dear Waffle passed away and went up to kitty heaven.

I am probably going to make myself cry by writing this, but he deserves his own post because he was an important part of my life. *I did make myself cry.

I never thought I’d miss the cat litter tracked into my bed or hearing him crunching on his food at 2am. But I do. I miss coming home and him circling around my feet before I even got my coat off. I miss brushing the mats out of his fur and him getting pissed at me. I miss him rolling around so I would pet his belly, and I miss the red spot he always had on his eye. I even miss his fur getting everywhere. He had a lot of fur.


I miss watching soap operas with him, I miss picking him up and snuggling him after a long day at work. I miss his crooked little meow, I miss hearing him purring when he slept on my head. I miss having the unconditional love of a cat I’d had since before the second grade.


He was a special boy, and has a special place in my heart. I will always remember the way he begged to go outside, rolled around in the grass, and all the weird things he did (like attempting to eat my Oreos. Really Faf, what were you thinking?). And when I think of him, as much as I remember when he was an old man and I was caring for him, I still remember over ten years ago when I saw him as a stray cat sitting under the picnic table staring back at me.


I love you, Mister Faf. I will never have another cat like you. And losing you has been very, very hard, but I’m glad you are no longer sick and struggling. I hope you’re having fun chasing the geese in the sky.




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