2019 Mood

2019 Mood

This morning, I woke up and made chocolate-chip pancakes. I went for a run and then went to visit my family. I made a point of not checking social media for the first part of my day.

As a blogger, I always tell myself “I need to be online.” Part of the job, right? I figure that if I don’t keep up with social media, my blog won’t be as successful. I know this isn’t entirely logical; in fact, it’s high-quality content that attracts readers more so than social media posts. Nonetheless, I still like to promote my writing on social media, and I don’t think that’s a bad thing.

Checking ten times a day to see if a guy viewed my story, however, is. Curating Instagram stories to make my life look more perfect than it actually is, that’s also not right. I hate when people are fake, but at the same time, I usually only showed my highlights online. That’s partly because I don’t want to bum everyone out. I try to be positive so that people don’t worry about me or ask questions. 2018 wasn’t the best year for me, and I spent a lot of days last semester feeling pretty unhappy. I made a point of posting the best pieces of my life, which made it look like I was living a Hallmark movie. In reality, I felt trapped.

Purely by coincidence, I made this change almost overnight. It had nothing to do with the new year and was more about the fact that I was fed up. Fed up with obsessing over how I looked in pictures, tired of checking for likes to get an extra boost. I want to find the beauty in real life- and enjoy it in real life. My latte will taste just as good even if I don’t post it. And I want that to be enough for me.

This video inspired me, and got me thinking that I want to live my life instead of Instagramming it. So I’m cutting back on social media; I’m not deleting it all, I’m not unfollowing everyone. I just want it to have less of a presence in my life, because I do enjoy it for keeping in touch with people.

Your life doesn’t always have to be picture-perfect. It’s not a movie.

Happy 2019!


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