February Favorites 2019!

February Favorites 2019!

I haven’t done a favorites post in a reallyyyyy long time, but I’ve been trying a lot of new things lately, so it’s finally time.

These are my favorite things from the month of February!

Precision Cut Comb: I went to Sally’s looking for something that would help thin out my bangs since I’m growing them out. This razor comb was about six dollars and could not have worked better. I highly recommend it if you ever need to fix up your bangs at home.


Jergens Wet Skin Tan: I had been wanting to start self-tanning for spring, but didn’t want to be smelly all the time…lol. I found this and am really liking it so far. Of all the artificial tanning products I have used, this one leaves behind the least amount of smell. And, you can put it on right after you shower and it doesn’t stain your towels. And the color is really good! Not sure how they managed to pull this off, but nice work, Jergens.

Headbands…just in general: Truth be told, I was never much of a headband girl up until recently. I’ve worn them almost every day since January. They look cute and keep my hair out of my face, which is nice when I’m studying.


Ari by Ariana Grande perfume: It felt like the right time to get a new scent, and I of course had to channel the queen herself, Ariana Grande. This perfume actually smells really nice (surprising for a celebrity perfume) and is pretty inexpensive, as far as perfumes go. There is a body spray version as well.


Earmuffs: Oh my goodness, guys. Earmuffs rocked my world this winter. Since Kent is a pretty cold, windy place, walking to class with a bare head kind of sucks. But I really, really despise winter hats. I like the way they look but just hate wearing them. So, earmuffs. The most beautiful solution, keep my ears warm and my hair tame.


An actual belt: I never really used belts up until I came to college, but my weight has been fluctuating so much that my pants fit differently every other day. Haha. So, I actually went out and got a nice belt, and it’s cute to use as an accessory, too. Adds a little bit of sass.

Grey’s Anatomy: I finally started this show because I needed something that would last me a while. I love it!

Ariana Grande: thank u, next! (My favorite songs on her new album are NASA, In My Head, 7 Rings, and Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I’m Bored)

Those are my faves from the month of February! And now my favorite season commences…spring! The season of cleaning, March Madness, and new beginnings. 🙂

Thanks for reading!


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