Ten Reasons Why I Am Happy // Living Your Best Life

Ten Reasons Why I Am Happy // Living Your Best Life

For the first time, when people ask me how I’m doing, I can honestly tell them I’m doing amazing. It took a lot of self-care and change to make it happen, but I wake up every morning grateful and happy to start my day.

Here are the things I did (and continue to do) to get there…

  1. I have gone to therapy regularly: I have seen a counselor every week since last August. This has made the biggest difference in how I feel. I have learned a lot about myself, and every week I am able to talk through what’s on my mind. I did an entire post about where to find mental health resources if you want to learn more.
  2. I am kind to myself: The biggest lesson I took away from YTT was how to be gentle toward myself (which helps in being gentle to others). Now that I’m playing for my own team instead of criticizing myself, life is easier! Haha.
  3. I discern between what is mine and what is not: I always ask myself when faced with an issue whether it is mine to worry about. Being an empathetic person, I’ve always had the tendency to take on other people’s worries as my own. But doing so only made me feel burdened, and now, I feel lighter!
  4. I follow my passions, even if it’s terrifying: A lot of my choices scared me at first, but I followed my heart and in the end, it all worked out. Do what makes you happy!
  5. I take the time to get ready in the morning: For me, dressing up and taking time to do my makeup and hair really does affect my mood, so I make time for that.
  6. I journal in the mornings: Some days, I forget, but I try to at least write down my foremost thoughts after I wake up. It gets them out of my head so that I can focus on the rest of the day.
  7. I keep organized: As I always say, a clean house is a happy house! But even further, organizing my time keeps me on task so I don’t get stressed.
  8. I let go: Sounds simple but so freaking hard. Letting go of what I don’t need. If something doesn’t feel right- a relationship, a job, a class- drop that shit and move on.
  9. I have a support system: I have wonderful friends and family who I can confide in, who make me laugh, and who encourage me.
  10. I know that I can’t be perfect: And I accept it.

Every day, I learn a little bit more. Not every day is amazing, I still swear like a sailor and worry, of course. I’m not perfect, but I’m happy. And I hope maybe with some of these ideas you can feel that way too!

Thank you for reading. 🙂

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