How Being Positive Changed My Life (And How to Change Yours)

How Being Positive Changed My Life (And How to Change Yours)

The common theme of a lot of my posts lately has been positivity. More specifically, looking at the best of every situation instead of the worst. 

If you think of every shortcoming in your life as something negative, you’ll never learn the lesson that was meant to be learned. I know that when things go wrong, it’s easy to go into panic mode and forget to have a positive mindset. The truth is, though, having a positive mindset makes life feel so much easier!

Instead of rambling and being all over the place in this post, I want to be more specific. So, here are some ways you can be more positive and rewire your brain to feel happier:

  1. Stop complaining so much. You might think you don’t complain, but once you try to stop, you’ll realize how much you do. When traffic is bad or someone upset you at work, don’t immediately start complaining about it. Let it go and move on with your day. You are making yourself suffer twice.
  2. Don’t commiserate. Misery loves company, and if you surround yourself with people who also love to complain, you will develop a negative mindset instead of a positive one.
  3. Find the good in every situation. Okay, maybe something didn’t go as you planned. Ask yourself if you can think of anything good that came from the situation. Maybe it’s simply a lesson learned, which means you’re wiser than when you started.
  4. Be kind. Resist the urge to say things you don’t mean out of anger. As I always say, kill them with kindness. Every time you do this, you are changing your pattern to something more constructive.
  5. Make your thoughts positive. Thoughts become reality. Tell yourself you will get an A on this exam. Tell yourself this relationship will work out. Tell yourself you will crush this interview. It can’t hurt, right?

Those are just some of the ways, among many, to change your mindset and be more positive. Maybe I’ll write another post about it soon. 😉

Thanks for reading! 🙂


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