untitled no. 1

untitled no. 1

I just wanted to chat with you all…

I miss creating, and I miss the feeling of warmth and connectedness that writing has always brought me. In this past year or so, I’ve taken a step back from blogging. I was trying to strike a balance between sharing and keeping my life private. As I’ve grown into my adult self and even chosen a career path, I thought that in order to behave like an adult, I needed to change my ways. I thought that this website was silly or indulgent and even considered wiping away all my hard work to minimize my social media footprint…in case future employers didn’t think this creative outlet was “serious art historian” enough. And so I focused my energy on more ‘practical’ matters until I completely burned out and resented the things I once loved. I didn’t recognize myself anymore and didn’t feel that sparkle and zeal for life like I have in the past.

This website is for me, but it is for you, too. I want to share the light that creating this space brings me with you. Whether that’s a new tea I’m enjoying or some deeper soul talk…I’m proud of what I have created here, and it makes me sad to think it’s dying. And even sadder blaming myself for feeling torn and unsure of what to do next.

I am not a superficial person, period. More specifically, since starting my second year of college, I really don’t tolerate nonsense anymore. And so the race for getting likes, outsmarting social media algorithms, posting pictures making my life look perfect, counting followers, being obsessed with what people think of me…it just is not a game I want to play. And up until this point, I could not see that blogging and all of that bullshit could be mutually exclusive. I thought that I had to buy into that, hook, line, and sinker, in order to keep up.

But since day one, this blog has not been about keeping up. I have never set out for money or fame. Success to me, here on this website, is found in the genuine connections I have made with my readers; whether you are someone I know personally or someone I had the pleasure of meeting with through this online community, I want you to know that this is meaningful to me.

I am not the same Grace I was when I started this website, but I wouldn’t be who I am now without her. I want to continue sharing my truth with you all on this no-nonsense platform. My photos might not all be crisp and magazine-worthy. My captions might be just okay. I’m not going to pretend that I care about building a facade anymore, because I don’t. I care about being my authentic self, in both my private and public life.

I’ve been waiting for this breakthrough for a very long time, and honestly was starting to think it would never happen. I’m excited to continue sharing bits and pieces of my life with you in a way that is honest and unfiltered.

Cheers to not being fake!



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