Heavenlee Poetry

Heavenlee Poetry

Hi there!

A new post on this site is long overdue, but even though I haven’t been updating this page as often as I should doesn’t mean I haven’t been writing.

I started writing some pretty raw poetry after reading Rupi Kaur’s Milk and Honey- which I highly recommend, by the way.

These are not all of my poems, but I thought I would share a few:



As empty as the inside of a honeysuckle

help me see the light again;

help me feel full like a juicy watermelon on a day in July-

help me shine like the sea on its finest day-

a thousand topaz stones

scattered about the surface

help me feel free-

Oh, wait, you cannot

Which is why I am alone

Goodness, me.



I am strong enough on my own to say no. to breathe deep. and say when I have had enough of your bullshit. i know when to draw the line and it is now. i feel your whole resentment piled on me like a layer cake but i don’t come running back to you because i am strong enough on my own. i can move heaven and Earth with just my words. what can you say about that? you have crossed every line I’ve drawn and I am strong enough to look you in the eye and say I’ve had enough of your bullshit and lies.


You know about crystals and stones so you must know I am a diamond. precious. beautiful. rare. never breaking. i am the epitome of strength. beauty. excellence. I am not glass I am a cold hard stone.

-Not Glass


Let me be your penny from heaven

I’ll keep you as pure as the skin on my palms

You wear black and I am pure white as an angel

Are you the angel of darkness?

I think you are

Will you take my soul if I get too close

I think you will

But I am a penny from heaven

Flip me over

I’ll tell you everything you should know

But nothing you want

I’ve been everywhere

Copper and grime

And I am tough and durable and I made it this far into your trap

I don’t trust you angel of darkness

I cannot

Not yet

Maybe if you see the penny in me

Shining through the residue

Years of being tossed around

What am I worth to you?

You picked me up

Because you believe in luck

Wonder what that is like.

-Heavenly Penny


Tomorrow is my seventeenth birthday

I don’t want a cake with seventeen candles

All I want is peace

Peace in my mind

Not a piece of cake

I want the thoughts to stop before I wish for a clear head

I want to look in the mirror and see only myself.



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