A Year In Review: Reflecting On My Education

A Year In Review: Reflecting On My Education


While my last post was meant to poke fun at the implied difficulty of junior year, I wanted to write a more serious post in appreciation for the excellent education that I and many other Americans enjoy.

It is difficult to be thankful for school when all the work is piled up in front of you. However, now that the year is coming to a close, remember that if you are concerned about your homework and tests and that is your biggest problem, you are extremely fortunate.

I am so grateful for my right to education, and I plan to implement my acquired skills when I enter the workforce. I hope to see more and more people striving to educate their selves and others throughout my life.

Education is a gift- not only is the knowledge itself enriching, but the act of learning and thinking critically is very valuable. Imagine how impressive it is that we learn the most advanced mathematics, sciences, languages, and humanities at such a young age.

I hope that we can all share this gratitude for our education entering the summer and the following school year. Never forget to have some perspective- there is always someone in worse of a predicament than you are.

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