Gym Bag Essentials

Gym Bag Essentials

What I keep in my gym bag!

  1. Headphones– to listen to the jams!
  2. Water bottle– to stay hydrated!
  3. Almonds– for an extra pop of energy!
  4. Deodorant– to stay fresh!
  5. Hoodie– to make myself presentable!
  6. Gym membership card– to let myself into the gym!
  7. Chapstick– to make sure my lips don’t get dried out!
  8. Starbucks card– because there are so many locations around my gym and it’s just so convenient to pick up a latte after my workout!
  9. Identification and debit card– you never know when it might come in handy!
  10. Change of clothes– just in case I need them!

What are your essentials for the gym?

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