Top Ten Moments In Spain

Top Ten Moments In Spain

Everyone knows that when you travel, there are ups and downs. While bruising my knee, catching a cold, and sitting on the bullet train as it lost electricity didn’t make the list, here are some of the times when I felt like I was really winning:

  1. Seeing a breathtaking view– I decided to start with my favorite moment in Spain- Toledo. Not only did we arrive in the city south of Madrid on the day of its annual Corpus Christi festival, but the views were magnificent- no other view I encountered in Spain could top it. Additionally, Toledo has an authentic sword factory, which contributes to its ranking at the top of my list.IMG_2693
  2. Holding a conversation in Spanish- Putting my years of studying the language to use was so exciting. I’ll never forget the first time I felt confident about a conversation I had with a native speaker- which happened to take place in my favorite city, Toledo.
  3. Battling the heat- In Sevilla, the temperature reached 115 degrees Fahrenheit. I survived. Enough said.
  4. Unclogging a European toilet- When our toilet failed, my roommate and I fixed it ourselves by pouring a hotel wastebasket filled with water down the bowl. It worked and we had a functioning toilet for the next two days. Win!
  5. Seeing the detail in the Alhambra de Granada- I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this thing. Every square foot of this masterpiece is so intricate and ornate- you have to see it to believe it!
  6. Witnessing a real Flamenco show- If you never see an authentic Flamenco show in Spain, you have not seen art at its finest. Unfortunately, I do not have pictures or video from the Flamenco show because I could not take my eyes off of it for a second. That’s right. I could not look away even to just grab my phone. I was mesmerized. In these performances, the dancers and musicians have no set plan, they just follow their hearts and play and dance on the spot. Talk about talent.
  7. Swimming in the sea in Barcelona- I had never seen the seas in Europe before, so swimming in the salty Balearic sea in Barcelona was an experience I cannot forget. Not only was Barcelona beach the most beautiful and relaxing coast I have visited, but the city itself was everything I hoped it would be as well.
  8. Trying new foods- At home, I would not ordinarily eat pork, fish, or mashed potatoes. But, I forced myself to try whatever was put in front of me and I was surprised to learn that most of it was not bad! “Why not?” is always a good mantra in a foreign country.
  9. Sleeping anywhere- Usually, I cannot fall asleep in a bed, let alone in a vehicle. However, any moment I could get comfortable and shut my eyes, I was out like a light. Thanks, Europe, for teaching me how to fall asleep literally anywhere. If it weren’t for naps, I would not have made it through this trip.
  10. Standing on my own two feet- I have never been away from home without my family for this amount of time; additionally, I have never been to Europe. I am so proud of the fact that I made it through each day of this trip managing myself and enjoying my surroundings. Vale!


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