10 Most Useful Phrases In Spain

10 Most Useful Phrases In Spain

If you’re going to Spain without knowing a lick of Spanish, here are the top ten most important phrases you should know:

1. Vale (pronounced bah-lay) “Vale” is thrown around as the word “like” is in English. Want a ham sandwich? Vale. Need to find the restroom? Vale. Saying hello? Vale. Saying goodbye? Vale. Vale, vale, vale. 

2. Está bien: It’s okay

3. ¿Cuanto cuesta? How much does this cost? Comes in very useful in small shops where not every item is labeled with a price tag.

4. Quiero/me gustaría: I want/I would like. Use when ordering in a restaurant.

5. ¿Hay aseos públicos? Are there public bathrooms? It may come as a surprise that in Europe, public restrooms are harder to find than in the U.S. and are not always available.

6. No tengo dinero/no tengo sueldo: I don’t have money/I don’t have change

7. Tengo prisa: I’m in a rush

8. La cuenta, por favor: The check, please. In Spain, you have to ask for the bill at a restaurant when you finish because it is considered rude to bring the check out early. 

9. Qué mono: How cute! Literally, this means “What a monkey!” but it is slang.

10. Perdón: Pardon me

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