How I Became Unapologetically Myself

How I Became Unapologetically Myself

There was a time when I was unhappy with my eccentric personality.

There was a time when I was ashamed to be the girl who played instruments and read books about cats while the other kids played sports and made rude jokes.

I am not ashamed anymore.

I am not afraid to be who I am…unapologetically.

I spent years trying to hide everything about myself that made me Grace. Finally, I realized all the time I spent ‘being Grace’ was what made me intelligent in the long run. For example, I would come home from elementary school and spend hours surfing Google Earth. I am now excellent in geography. I studied books and websites on the French language. I now know phrases without ever being taught professionally. I scrolled through marveling at the bedroom setups the site had curated. Now I have a keen eye for design. Additionally, I researched fashion trends day after day in junior high. I plan to major in Fashion Merchandising in college, which is only one year away.

The time I spent doing what I really, really loved led me to find what I wanted in my future. I tried to suppress that. I am so glad I didn’t continue pushing that part of myself back anymore. I know who I am now because of who I was when I was a child.

My peers tell me I act like a forty-year-old woman. Adults tell me that too, actually. I used to get annoyed. Now, I believe that is marvelous. I have the wisdom and maturity of a grown woman, yet my soul is in the able, healthy body of a seventeen-year-old girl with the world ahead of her. Instead of wasting my time figuring myself out, I can spend the years ahead of me building my future as the best fashion merchandiser the world has ever seen.

In summary, there is one certain way to become unapologetically yourself…be yourself and don’t apologize. 


  1. August 27, 2017 / 9:04 pm

    Love it <3 there is nobody better than yourself! Love you blog 🙂 x

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