My Top Twenty Travel Destinations

My Top Twenty Travel Destinations


After traveling to Spain, my curiosity and interest in travel and history has grown. Here is a general list of my top destinations:

  1. Budapest, Hungary
  2. Helsinki, Finland
  3. Sydney, Australia
  4. Mumbai, India
  5. Morocco, Africa
  6. Buenos Aires, Argentina
  7. Toronto, Canada
  8. Glasgow, Scotland
  9. Florence, Italy
  10. Grasse, France
  11. St. Petersburg, Russia
  12. Bali, Indonesia
  13. Istanbul, Turkey
  14. Dublin, Ireland
  15. Munich, Germany
  16. Cairo, Egypt
  17. Prague, Czech Republic
  18. Reykjavik, Iceland
  19. Launceston, Tasmania
  20. Toledo, Spain (Again!)

Mark my words, I will see all of these cities before I die.

What is your top travel destination?

Featured Image: Sevilla, España

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