I think we have a hard time believing in our potential.

When we are young, we dream of fame and success, but as we age, we are taught that these dreams are inaccessible. So we do the worst. We give up. 

And it is those who don’t give up, who keep pushing the envelope and embracing their creative ideas, who succeed.

Once I realized that my dreams were possible given my drive and determination, I decided to keep going. No matter how many people tell me my plan won’t work out, I am not going to listen. I am going to be a self-employed, successful businesswoman very soon and you can be, too. You just have to go for it. Stop saying “It’ll never happen” because with that attitude, it won’t.

One of the most important ideas I want to illustrate here on my blog is how detrimental it is to suppress creativity. It is so important to be weird. I have come to realize that there are a lot of boring people in the world who could be such cool weirdos if they allowed themselves. Be that wild card. You never know what crazy idea could end up being the next empire.

Be creative, girl boss.

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