The Origin of Heavenly Pennies

The Origin of Heavenly Pennies

Hello my loves,

If you’ve made it this far, you’re probably wondering what “Heavenlee Penny’s” means and where it came from. So, in my scatterbrained manner of explaining, here is the origin story:

You’ve all heard of a lucky penny. Well, for me, it means that and a lot more. A few years ago, I went through probably one of the worst stretches of time in my life. Let’s just say I was in a bad relationship with a bad person, which led to a bad relationship with myself. I was unhappy, afraid, and had no idea who or what to turn to. Then, something strange started happening.

Pennies everywhere. Pennies and dimes and nickels and quarters, but mostly pennies, flying angrily about in every direction. I found them on sidewalks, in the car, in the washing machine and dryer, in my clothes, in my bed, in my backpack, and on the floor. I saw pennies everywhere, and more importantly, they saw me.

The pennies continued to chase me- relentlessly.

Disclaimer: At this point you probably think I am totally insane. I promise, if you keep reading, this will make more sense. This is deliberate.

Finally, my mom told me the story of my great-grandpa Elmer. She said that this relative, who died before I met him, was known for singing the song Pennies from Heaven. She thought that I should look at the pennies as a sign from above that someone was looking out for me.

To this day, any time I face a trying matter, pennies seem to materialize from nowhere. I have no way of understanding it, but some things in life cannot be explained. Pennies are my way of knowing that I am not alone, and that I will always be alright.

This website is intended to be your penny from heaven. A beacon of light and grace for when you need it most but you don’t know how to ask.

The idea came to me while I was on the treadmill one night- I wanted to create a blog but I knew I needed the perfect title. I fussed with the words and the idea of “pennies from heaven” until “Heavenly Pennies” was born. After a quick bit of tinkering with the spelling, I had branded my website: Heavenlee Penny’s. Here you are.

If there is one symbol that means more to me than anything else, it is the American penny featuring Honest Abe smack in the middle. Show me a penny and I’ll know everything will be fine.

The End (0f the story)

…but this website, my friends, this is only beginning. 


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