Milk and Honey: A Review

Milk and Honey: A Review

Hello there!

I’ve decided to start a new series of book reviews here on Heavenlee Penny’s because I love reading in my spare time. The first book I have decided to review is Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur.

I fell in love with this book the second I opened it. I read the entire book, cover to cover, in one sitting. I even copied down my favorite poems and stuck them to my walls and inspiration boards.

Milk and Honey is the perfect book for a young girl trying to move past a breakup. It depicts love, femininity, hurt, and independence in a unique way. I felt that this book healed wounds on my heart that I never knew needed help. The way Kaur describes a very specific feeling absolutely perfectly is inexplicable. She can compare a person to a city and integrate it into a larger poem seamlessly. I was speechless by the time I finished the book.

Milk and Honey is a collection of short, illustrated poems. After reading it, I felt inspired to start writing my own poetry, an exercise I found both therapeutic and enjoyable.

This book is so different each time you read it. It constantly changes meaning. Ideally, you should read Milk and Honey in a summer meadow while wearing your favorite white dress. That is how I envisioned myself reading it, until I couldn’t resist downloading it on my Kindle and reading every page in one night when I should have been doing my chemistry homework.

I hope you decide to read Rupi Kaur’s masterpiece. The author herself is fascinating, and I would love to witness her speak someday.

Thanks for reading this post- go read Milk and Honey next!

Stay tuned for more book reviews- Chasers of the Light by Tyler Knott Gregson is coming soon!

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