Characteristics of a True Friend

Characteristics of a True Friend

Friendships come and go, as they say, but there will definitely be people who come into your life who should stay for the long haul. Friendships are difficult, and I’ve had my fair share of problems over the years, but the ones who stick by your side are your true friends. In appreciation for my closest friends, here is a list of qualities I see in a true companion:

  1. Good listener: A real friend will listen to what you have to say without interrupting you or trying to dominate the conversation. You can trust this person with anything.
  2. Remembers important things: Your friends should remember things like your birthday, the things you like/dislike, what your plans are, etc.
  3. Shows up: If you have an important event, your friend will be there. If you make plans, your friend won’t bail.
  4. Wants the best for you: A real friend values your success as much as their own, and won’t tear you down to build their self up.
  5. Is understanding: Your friend understands your thoughts, won’t tease you in a mean way, and is willing to compromise sometimes.
  6. Is loyal: You can count on your friend to stick by your side.
  7. Loves you for who you are: Your friend won’t try to change you because you are already amazing!
  8. Enjoys spending time together: Your friends should focus on making great memories together over the years and having fun with you!
  9. Respects you: If you don’t want to go out, your friend won’t force you. If you don’t like speeding, your friend won’t tell you to go faster. Friends should respect your decisions.
  10. Is there for you through good and bad: It is easy to be with someone when they are at their best. If a friend is there for you in your worst moments, they are absolutely a true friend.

To my true friends: Thank you for everything. You are some of the most important and influential people in my life, and you have shown me the meaning of friendship. 


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