Life Update!

Life Update!

Hi loves,

I decided to post a little life update because why not. You all saw my senior pictures, and I still cannot get over them and the fact that I am a SENIOR! I cannot wait to finish high school and go to college, but I do love my school and I’m sure I’ll miss it when I leave.

Today I tried a copycat Insomnia Cookies s’mores cookie recipe and the result was atrocious. I mean, marshmallows melting all over the cookie sheet atrocious. The actual dough turned out alright, but it just wasn’t the same as a real Insomnia Cookie. I am truly convinced that Insomnia Cookies is the happiest place on Earth, and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to recreate those gooey, yummy confections. So, I guess it’s an hour drive to the nearest Insomnia location for a while. Insomnia is my favorite restaurant of all time- seriously, I want them to make my wedding cake one day. (I wish I had a picture of these disastrous baked goods, but my phone was out of storage. Bummer.)

I am listening to Wuthering Heights on audio for my summer reading, and the fake British accents are getting old quickly. I love to read, but summer reading kind of kills my soul a little bit. Audiobooks beat actually reading everything, though, so I’m rolling with it.

I literally made a trip to the store just to buy Starbursts because I was craving them, and had to go to two different places before I found them. Seriously, Drug Mart, how do you run out of Starbursts? That wasn’t cool…but CVS came in clutch and now the fruity chewy little candies are mine.

I have never done a post like this, just kind of talking like I would in conversation. But, this was fun and came very naturally, so I think I’ll be writing more.

OHMYGOSH before I go, Rupi Kaur is releasing another book! The Sun and her Flowers. October can’t come fast enough!

Okay, that’s enough for tonight. If this was interesting, great. If not, I’m sorry, I just had a lot to say. Haha. Okay, bye!

Photo: Courtesy of Leanna’s Lens Photography

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