Packing List: Unexpected Things You NEED For A Summer Trip

Packing List: Unexpected Things You NEED For A Summer Trip

Hi travelers!

Since a lot of us do some traveling over the summer, I decided to share some of the most important essentials to take along with you. I neglected to take a lot of these items to Spain, and I regretted it! Here they are:

1. Camera Gear: One of my greatest regrets after I travel is not bringing my good camera with me and instead taking all my photos on my iPhone. While a larger piece of equipment can be bothersome to tote around, the clearer images are well worth it.

2. Dry Shampoo: I didn’t take dry shampoo to Spain and boy, was I remoreseful. Dry shampoo or some type of oil-absorbing powder is important for a summer trip because you’ll be in the sun a lot, and you don’t want to have to take a shower every time you break a sweat. However, dry shampoo is not a replacement for a shower!!

3. Bug repellent and Cortisone cream: Getting bitten up on vacation really, really sucks. Bring some insect repellent to use when it gets dark and the bugs come out, and if you still get bitten, make sure you have a small tube of anti-itch cream.

4. Bandages: I ended up bruising my knee on a ground post early in my Spain trip. Luckily, I did bring some first-aid items, but I almost left them at home. I usually bring band-aids and never end up using them, but this was one of those rare instances where they saved the day. Just take some band-aids.

5. Nail file/nail clippers: These items seem unimportant when they’re not needed, but the second you chip a nail, they’re a dire necessity. A nail file takes up barely any space, and if you break a nail and it has a jagged edge, you can file it down. Nail clippers can do the same job, and they can also be used to cut tags off of new clothing items you buy, etc.

6. Plastic bags: If you purchase souvenirs or need more space for toiletries, plastic bags are a good item to pack. You never know when they might come in handy, but they are always helpful to have.

7. Tape: You wouldn’t believe all the crazy situations you might need tape for while traveling. For example, a group of boys on my Spain trip ended up asking the front desk at our hotel for tape in the middle of the night whilst packing a sword they purchased in Toledo. You just never know.

8. Extra bag: A foldable, thin bag is a useful item to pack. You may not use it on your way to your destination, but it can be used as extra space if you buy things and need more space coming home.

9. Sunglasses: Make sure you bring a pair and keep them in an easily accessible place. You don’t want to spend a ridiculous amount of cash on airport sunglasses because you left a perfectly good pair at home.

10. Writing materials: I didn’t take a journal to Spain, and wished I had so I could have kept a diary of my experiences. Whether you want to journal or just have space to draw on while traveling, a pen and paper is a must.

Featured Image: iPhone camera; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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