Campfire Checklist

Campfire Checklist

Another summer weekend is upon us, and while it’s storming here in Cleveland, I thought I would share some inspiration for summer bonfires today. So, here are some necessities for the perfect summer campfire:

  1. S’mores: Priorities, guys. When I suggest a bonfire, you have to know my sole intention is s’mores. But who can deny that they’re delicious?
  2. Firewood: We usually collect dry sticks from the yard, but you can also burn old papers and cardboard that you have laying around.
  3. Bug spray: No one enjoys a bonfire when the bugs are biting. Take your bug spray seriously.
  4. Music: A great Spotify playlist is a sure-fire way to take your night from “blah” to “yeah!”
  5. Blankets or chairs to sit on: Don’t get so caught up in building your fire that you forget to bring something to sit on! While it’s certainly more in the spirit of nature to sit in the grass, chairs and blankets are more comfortable.
  6. Someone who can build a fire: Don’t be thinking I start all these fires myself. Make sure you have a trusted acquaintance around who can get the fire going and more importantly, keep it going.
  7. Friends: The more, the merrier! The best bonfires happen when there are lots of fun people around. Invite your friends!
  8. A dry night: If it has rained a lot during the week, it can be really hard to start a fire and find dry sticks. Make sure the weather is perfect!
  9. Water: Something has to put the fire out! Make sure your fire is completely gone when you leave the site, especially if you are in a public park.
  10. A good attitude: Bonfires are meant to be fun! Enjoy the classic summer tradition.

Thanks for reading!

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