Insomnia Cookies Appreciation Post

Insomnia Cookies Appreciation Post

We are all aware that I have an obsession.

I’ll never forget the first time I spied the fluorescent purple logo back in 2012. As I passed through Ohio State University’s High Street after the Christina Perri concert, I couldn’t help but notice an intriguing little shop: Insomnia Cookies.

That mysterious moon symbol stayed in my memory, as did my craving for warm cookies delivered to my door at nightfall. I didn’t come upon another Insomnia Cookies location again until I was sixteen years old- however, I had been coveting the college kids’ Snapchat stories of melty, delicious cookies for months.

I was visiting Downtown Kent on a mission. I had heard rumors that these scrumptious desserts were up for purchase in this college town. I wanted one of these gooey, magnificent cookies. I trekked through the city until that nostalgic logo was in sight.

When I reached Heaven’s Doors, I stopped and hesitated. What if I built this cookie-eating experience up too much in my head? What if it didn’t live up to my expectations?

I pushed my reluctance to the side and threw open the heavy door. In front of me was a glass case of the most gorgeous sweet confections I had ever laid eyes on. I was shook.

FullSizeRender (8)

I leaned against the little counter and ordered a box of six. I chose a variety of flavors and patiently awaited my box of joy. When the disgruntled employee handed over my glowing package of heavenly bliss, a part of my soul was born.

I opened the box. I observed my cookies. This was the moment!

I took my first bite.

Oh, this cookie. I loved this cookie and it loved me back. This cookie was everything I wanted it to be and more. From the spectacular flavor to the soft, gentle texture, I had reached another level of infatuation.

Insomnia Cookies went from a mysterious college bakery to my number one obsession.


In the weeks following, I couldn’t get enough. I would drive an hour in any direction to the nearby locations for my fix. I adopted the motto, “Life, liberty, and the pursuit of Insomnia Cookies.”

To this day, Insomnia Cookies is my absolute favorite food, restaurant, and franchise. The joy I feel when I come upon the magical little shop is inexplicable.

Insomnia Cookies, thanks for teaching me what it really means to love food. 


  • Images: Canon Rebel T5 and iPhone 6s
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  • FTC: This post is not sponsored by Insomnia Cookies.

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