Waited until the last minute to do your summer reading? My tips!

Waited until the last minute to do your summer reading? My tips!

If you waited until the last minute to do your summer reading…you’re not alone. It’s extremely difficult to do school work during the summer, due to the lack of schedule structure and the temptation to have fun. Today, I am going to give you some tips on how to rescue yourself if you are facing this awful fate:

  1. Audiobooks: Listen to your book on recording in the background of whatever you’re doing…for example, folding clothes, working out, driving, cleaning your house, preparing dinner…this makes it go by a lot faster and it makes it easier to concentrate. Most classic books have recordings available for free on YouTube, so I recommend that over purchasing an audiobook.
  2. SparkNotes: This is sort of a last resort, but using summaries online can help you understand the plot better. I usually read the chapter once on my own, and then I Google summaries to fill in the gaps on what I missed. I don’t recommend relying on SparkNotes or a movie adaptation to replace reading the book.
  3. Go to the library: If you try to work at home, you will just become more distracted. Go to a quiet library or a coffee shop nearby where you can concentrate.
  4. Budget your time: Pencil in certain hours that you will work on your summer reading each day from now until school starts. You will usually need more time than you think. Then, during those times, focus hard on your homework and once the time is up, you’re done for the day. Don’t try to cram it all into the last few days before school.
  5. Remember that it will get done! You might start to panic and feel overwhelmed, but if you trust that you will finish your assignments in your budgeted time, you have nothing to worry about.

I hope this post was helpful! Happy reading! 🙂


Featured Image: Canon Rebel T5; The Book Loft, Columbus, Ohio. 

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