College Search: What to Keep in Mind

College Search: What to Keep in Mind

Hello students!

If you are in high school like me, you might have started looking at colleges. When I first started thinking about college, I was completely overwhelmed. I decided to make a list of the most important things to consider when touring colleges:

  1. Location/Proximity to home: Do you want to be in state or out of state? What type of weather do you like? Do you prefer the city or the country? How close to home do you want to be?
  2. Size: Do you want a smaller school with 5,000 students, or a large school with 40,000 students? Do you want Division One sports or Division Three?
  3. What the college offers: What are your interests? What might you major in? If you play an instrument, does the college have a band? If you play a sport, can you play in college? If you want to be a nurse, do they have a good nursing program?
  4. Campus life: Do you want to take part in Greek life? What type of living situation are you looking for? Is the campus in a city where there’s plenty to do, or in a rural location where you need a car to get around?
  5. Feel: What are the people like? Do you feel at home?
  6. Admissions rate: Are you likely to be accepted into this school based on your application? Will you be eligible for scholarships?
  7. Cost: Will you require financial aid to attend this college? What types of scholarships do they offer? Is it expensive or affordable? What are the benefits of the cost?
  8. Level of difficulty: Do you want to attend an Ivy League school, or a community college? Private school or public? What types of classes will you take? Do AP credits transfer? Are you eligible to be part of an Honors College?
  9. Study abroad: Will you travel abroad during college? What types of opportunities does the college offer?
  10. Graduation rate/career focus: How many students graduate from your program? Where do they work? Do they intern during college? What types of jobs and starting salaries do they find?

Best wishes in finding your dream college!


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