Back-to-School Shopping: Clothing Essentials!

Back-to-School Shopping: Clothing Essentials!

Hi everyone!

Because it is back-to-school shopping season, I decided to compile a list of essentials you might want to keep in your closet. I have found these items helpful to have around. Enjoy!

  1. A good coat: Up north, it is important to have a warm coat that you can fit in your locker. I recommend Eddie Bauer and Land’s End.
  2. Water-resistant boots: I got my first pair of Sperry boots last year and they are wonderful. I wore them almost every day from October until April. Boots are super cute and warm, and can be worn most of the year.
  3. Leggings: I like to wear pretty comfortable clothes to school, so leggings paired with a sweater or hoodie was perfect. Make sure to get durable, opaque leggings from places like Victoria’s Secret.
  4. Sneakers/tennis shoes: I wore my Converse most of last summer and fall, and just started wearing the Adidas white shoes. I’ve found Converse, Adidas, and Nike to be very comfortable and reliable brands for workout shoes.
  5. Fitted jeans: I usually go to American Eagle for jeans because they fit me the best, but everyone is different. Having a couple good pairs of jeans is a great idea for school. I recommend getting a dark wash pair and a medium wash pair, the dark for more dressy outfits and the medium for a more casual look.
  6. Durable backpack: I have used a lot of backpacks over the years, and there aren’t many that can withstand the amount of books I carry in it. JanSport, North Face, and Vera Bradley are all good brands. Stay away from Target backpacks- I had an incident with one of those bursting open on the morning of my first day of school.
  7. Vests: I wear vests as an extra layer during the fall and winter, and they are a good option if your school gets cold like mine does. Plus, they add a stylish layer to an otherwise plain outfit. Kohl’s has a good selection of vests during the colder months.
  8. Scarves: Like vests, scarves are very cozy and can add a stylish flair to a t-shirt and jeans.
  9. Sandals: While not the most protective footwear, I still wear sandals to school a lot during the warmer months. Find a pair that won’t slip off easily when you’re walking through the hallways- an ankle strap is the key!
  10. Casual dresses: In the fall and spring, I like to wear dresses on warm days because they’re easy and comfortable. Mango has a lot of cute dresses, and American Eagle has a lot of casual, affordable ones as well.

I hope this list was helpful! Happy shopping!


Featured Image: Canon Rebel T5; Kent State University Fashion School Store.


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