My Skincare Routine!

My Skincare Routine!

Happy Sunday!

Yesterday, I posted a review of the Origins CC Cream and asked you guys to like it for a skincare routine post. Since the post received a record-breaking amount of likes for Heavenlee Penny’s (THANK YOU!) here we are today! I am going to write about my favorite products in more detail. Some of these products were mentioned in my My Favorite Beauty Products post, so be sure to check that out if you missed it! All of my makeup-related posts will be featured on my new Beauty page.

Here are my favorite skincare products!

  1. Cetaphil cleanser: I have been using this as my everyday cleanser forever and I love it because it does its one job: it cleans my skin. It doesn’t make my skin dry, it doesn’t break me out, it doesn’t have any crazy acids that I can’t pronounce in it- it just cleans my skin. It is very gentle and I can’t say enough good things about this product. I use it morning and night.
  2. Biore cleanserI use this cleanser a few times a week with my Olay brush to prevent blackheads. It definitely does its job of clearing your pores and makes your skin feel very refreshed.
  3. Olay brush: This is a really good dupe for the Clarisonic brush. It is a fraction of the price and does the same job. I’ve had my same brush for years and it still works perfectly. Olay also sells extra brush heads, so you can switch them out to prevent bacteria buildup.
  4. Ultra Repair Cream: This is my miracle product! I bought it to use on my hands during the winter because they get so dry, and ended up using it on my face as my main moisturizer. I put it on every morning and night.
  5. Atopiclair cream: My dermatologist prescribed this product to me to make my skin less red and patchy. If I go one night without putting this on, that redness will come back, so if you have a similar issue I recommend talking to your dermatologist about it. I found a link online, but Clinique also makes a similar product. I use this product every night. 
  6. Origins eye cream: I just tried this product out and have been using it on my eyes to soothe them and make them less puffy. During high school, I have become accustomed to getting less sleep, which means tired eyes. I will let you know how impressed I am with this once school starts and I need it more, but as of now, I don’t need concealer under my eyes as much as I used to. I use this product at night before I go to sleep.
  7. Bobbi Brown face base: This is another product I just tried out, but I use it in place of a primer because it feels more moisturizing. It is a good base for my makeup and based on my results so far I would recommend it.
  8. Yes to Cucumbers makeup remover wipes: Of all the makeup removing wipes I have tried, these are my favorite. I don’t have to rub and pull at my skin to get my makeup off with these. Removing your makeup is very important to keep your skin clear, so I recommend trying these out! They are very soothing.

In addition to using good skincare products, I recommend eating healthy foods, exercising regularly, and staying on a sleep schedule to clear up your skin. Additionally, using anxiety-relieving techniques can clear stress-related breakouts. Also, avoid heavy makeup and always remove your makeup before you go to sleep!


Thanks for reading! Let me know what I should review next! 🙂


FTC: This post is not sponsored by any of the brands mentioned.


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