5 Tips for a 5 on the AP Exam

5 Tips for a 5 on the AP Exam

Happy Sunday!

Today’s post is going to be all about study tricks for the AP test. Although assessments don’t begin until May, it is a great idea to start studying now. Preparedness is the name of the game on the AP exam. And, even if you’re not taking an AP class, these tips are still great hacks for all types of rigorous courses.


Every class is different, but there are universal tricks for every subject area that I’ve picked up. And they are…

  1. Review books: You can purchase review books for each subject on Amazon. These are a great tool to use in the weeks leading up to the test, because they contain information about the test, review materials, and full practice tests.
  2. Timed practice tests: Speaking of practice tests, timing yourself on past exam questions will prepare you for the real thing. For example, if there is a certain format for extended response questions and a set time limit, practice under those same conditions.
  3. Know the exam: You shouldn’t be surprised when the test is placed in front of you. Every test has a set format, time limits, and heavier topics that are focused on more. Use past exams and online resources to familiarize yourself with the test format.
  4. Quizlet: Quizlet or Quiz-LIT? This handy dandy little website has just about every review term and practice question in AP existence. Not that I recommend it, but I truly believe you could use Quizlet almost exclusively as a review resource and do well on the exam.
  5. Resources on the AP website: The AP for Students website publishes past multiple choice and essay questions every year. Take a look at the old questions and answers, and use them as practice. This is probably the best way to prepare.


I hope this was helpful. Take my advice and start preparing now! You won’t regret it. I’ll be posting more AP tips throughout the school year.

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