How to Study for Math: Five Quick Tips!

How to Study for Math: Five Quick Tips!

Happy Wednesday!

To go along with my school-themed posts so far this week, I will be sharing five tips to help you study for math tests. I know the question that comes to mind when your math teacher tells you to study- how? Well, here are some helpful hints to boost your grade.


  1. Do practice problems: In math, the best way to get a concept to stick is by repetition. Do the same types of questions again and again until you have the procedure down pat. You can ask your teacher for practice questions, or you can find them in your textbook and online. Practice makes perfect! 🙂
  2. Use flashcards to memorize formulas: If there won’t be a formula sheet provided on your exam, make flashcards of formulas to help you memorize them. For example, write “quadratic” on one side and the complete equation on the other. Additionally, you can make cards for Greek letters and symbols that might come up. Don’t underestimate the power of flashcards!
  3. Make a review sheet: Go through all your notes and homework assignments and compile the most important concepts and questions into a review guide. Make sure to focus on content areas that will be heavy on the test.
  4. Re-do missed questions: If you got a question wrong on your homework or past tests, mark it and come back to it when you’re studying for the test. Re-do the problem and try to find where you went wrong. This will ensure you won’t make the same mistake again on the test!
  5. Watch video tutorials: Math is one of those subjects that has to be explained by a person, not just a textbook. Look up videos for your specific topic on YouTube, Khan Academy, or the AP for Students website. These resources can be helpful in strengthening your knowledge on a given topic.


That’s all for today! Math has always been my weakest subject (hence why I am a writer!) so I’ve collected some tricks over the years to help make it less painful. There is no shame in asking for help or studying with a tutor. Math isn’t always easy to “get” right away and some concepts may take a long time to sink in. Don’t be too hard on yourself, especially in advanced math classes.

I hope this post was helpful! Thanks for reading.

Over to you- what are your study secrets for math? Spill them in the comments! 🙂




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