Ten Things No One Tells You About Senior Year!

Ten Things No One Tells You About Senior Year!

Hi friends,

My senioritis has hit an all-time high and I’m barely one week in. I thought it would be fun to write this post because class of 2018, we’re on the home stretch. This year has come with fun surprises (like the dark cloud of academic apathy floating above my head 24/7) and in all honesty, I am thrilled to be wrapping up high school in these next nine months.


Here are ten things no one tells you about senior year:

  1. No motivation: I mean, if you’re an exception to this rule, all power to you. But when the next big chapter of your life is staring you in the face and you’re still chugging away in core classes, it reaches the point of being tedious.
  2. Drama is in the past: Petty fights are a thing of the past. Senior year brings a lot more maturity that was absent in younger years. Granted, people still have their problems…but senior year takes it down a notch.
  3. Study hall becomes a core class: Most seniors have requirements done already, so study halls and goof-off classes are what we use to run out the clock.
  4. You’re excited for the future: High school has literally felt like ten years, and it’s finally almost time for college! That means we’re less than one year away from move-in day, libraries with ten floors, and more free time than we’ve had in years!
  5. You don’t recognize anyone: You walk into one of your many study halls only to find that you know…three people. You’re surrounded by a sea of new freshmen and you don’t know a single face. Then you realize you’re the oldest group walking around, and it feels pretty awesome.
  6. School rules make you roll your eyes: “I’m one year away from being able to vote, but I need a pass signed to use the restroom??” The freedom that comes with age eighteen is just taunting us. And while we have to respect the rules, come on. We all know hall passes aren’t a thing in college.
  7. The snooze button is your best friend and worst enemy: Waking up at six AM just kills your soul.
  8. “It will look good on my college applications” will just, like, end: Every school activity you poured your heart into throughout high school will fall to the wayside by this time next year.
  9. You realize how much you’ll miss your friends: When the realization that this is the last time your class will be together hits you, you’ll feel it in your bones. In the blink of an eye, we’ll all be scattered across the map.
  10. And while the senioritis is real, high school was great: In between those thoughts of “I want to go home and take a nap,” you’ll realize these were four great years that you’ll miss once they’re behind you.


That’s all for today! Can you relate? Being a senior is bittersweet but in the end, we’re all so ready for the next chapter.

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Disclaimer: This post was written purely for entertainment. I love school and I am so thankful for my education. This blog was intended to poke fun at “senioritis” and hopefully make some fellow seniors laugh. 😉

Images: iPhone- Thanks to my friends Cristina and Adam (the goalie!) for making an appearance in these photos. 🙂 PS- Our varsity soccer team is undefeated! They tied this game! 


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