Five Best Back-to-School Shoes!

Five Best Back-to-School Shoes!

Happy Tuesday!

Give a girl the right pair of shoes and she can conquer the world, they say. Here’s what I say- it’s much easier to conquer the world in a comfortable pair of shoes! I used to sacrifice comfort for style, but thanks to the sneakers-and-dresses trend, now I can have both.


Today’s post will feature my five favorite, most-worn comfy shoes that every girl needs in her closet!


  1. Adidas: I just started wearing these in the last few weeks, but I was missing out. There’s a reason why everyone has these shoes- they’re the most dang comfortable yet trendy footwear I have worn to date. Since I bought my first pair at the Outlets I have worn them almost every day since.
  2. Converse: I have worn Converse on a wide spectrum of colors (I even had a pink pair in sixth grade before adopting a more sophisticated navy blue in eighth) but my favorite have to be my white pair. Well, they’re not so white anymore- more of a worn, sun-tanned beige due to all the terrain I’ve walked in them. These go from summer to fall to winter to spring just like that. I love these shoes.
  3. Nike runners: Nike is the only brand I can seem to get along with for workout shoes. I have been wearing Nikes as long as I’ve been running, and I am never let down by my running shoes. I also recently tried out the training shoes, which I wear to the gym. They seem to have more padding than the runners, making for good workout shoes.
  4. Columbia boots: Freshman year, I finally sucked it up and tried on a big-girl pair of waterproof boots. But let me tell you, these babies take waterproof very seriously. If you live in a cold climate, these are a must for the snow. My faux-leather boots from Target can only take so much snow, salt, and dirt before they crumble under the pressure. Not these- these boots were made for walking. (Had to. Sorry.)
  5. Under Armour slides: I used to think slides were the most ridiculous shoes in the world…until I spent most of my summer wearing my pair from Under Armour. What started out as “house shoes” turned into “errand shoes,” which eventually led to “comfortable going-out shoes.” Ben couldn’t help but smirk at me when I tried to pull these off with my summer dresses, but you know what? At least that was before fall came and I started wearing them with socks. #SorryNotSorry.


Over to you! What are your favorite, most comfortable shoes? Leave a comment! 🙂

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