How to Cozy Up your Space for Fall! Easy and Affordable Decor Ideas

How to Cozy Up your Space for Fall! Easy and Affordable Decor Ideas

Happy Thursday!

Since home decor is my true love, I am going to share some ideas to give your room a little fall flair. To me, fall means hot drinks, pumpkin spice everything, and finally cozying up with knitted blankets and good books. Here are some ideas to turn your space into an autumn oasis:

  1. String lights: In my house, string lights are encouraged from September through March. They are not just for Christmas, everyone! String lights add a cozy ambiance while still being simple and affordable.


2. Throw blankets: Add some layers to your bedding with soft, printed throw blankets. I recommend looking at Marshall’s or Amazon first, because they tend to be cheaper than at Target or other home stores.


3. Pumpkins: I love picking out mini pumpkins to set up around the house every fall. They are a cheap and fun addition, and you can of course paint them to make them your own! The one I pictured is actually a ceramic one, but of course real ones are fun to go pick out at a pumpkin patch!


4. Fake leaves: Red and orange leaf garlands are the true essence of fall. Tack them up over your bed or fireplace to add a rustic, outdoorsy feel. Fake sunflowers also have a bright, fun fall vibe.


5. Candles: Fall candles are the best candles. From pumpkin caramel latte to apple spice, you can’t go wrong. Again, I recommend looking for fall-themed candles at the drugstore before going to Bath & Body Works, where the large candles are $22.50 a pop.


Those are all my decorating ideas for today! Let me know if you have any fall decorating ideas or DIY projects to share in the comments!

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