Ten Totally Wearable Fall Fashion Trends! (Inspired by Vogue)

Ten Totally Wearable Fall Fashion Trends! (Inspired by Vogue)

Happy Sunday!

After flipping through the latest September Issue, I have to say that I am impressed. Vogue really brought its A-game this year with a variety of colors, prints, and textures. As a classic dresser, most trends are intimidating to me. However, this fall has proved to be exactly my taste: reminiscent classics with just enough exotic flair to make them interesting.

Here are ten trends that are totally wearable for school, work, or out on the town:

  1. Black and white plaid/houndstooth: These classics are an easy and fun way to mix up an all-black outfit. Try a blazer, a vest, or a scarf if you’re not up to wearing a matching set.


2. Mixing fur and leather: I kept noticing this little detail: leather jackets with fur collars, cuffs, and edges. What an interesting combo. This is easy to pull off, just by layering a fur scarf or vest with a leather jacket or leather leggings.


3. Red on red:  Red is always in for fall, but mixing red clothing and accessories in one outfit is a trend I am all about.


4. Ruffled chiffon: This trend is a great way to get the texture-on-texture look all in one. Since chiffon itself is textured, adding ruffles and draping gives it even more dimension.


5. Pleated midi skirts: Midi skirts are my absolute favorite because I don’t have to worry about wardrobe malfunctions, but I also won’t be tripping over the hem all day. Pleated midis are very flattering and functional.


6. Trench coats: Belted coats in all colors are the name of the game this fall. A trench is structured, sophisticated, and can be worn just about anywhere.


7. Blush pink: A spring staple, blush is hitting the runways this year as the new black. Blush is super-flattering and feminine, and can be worn on pretty much any occasion.


8. Ripped denim: Relaxed, unbothered, and effortless, here is your excuse to add a pair of distressed jeans into your closet. And, if you have an old pair lying around that needs a new life, distress them yourself!


9. Blue eyeshadow: This statement eye color gives a neutral makeup look a pop.


10. Ornate prints: Every page I turned, I saw patchwork collages of ornate, embellished prints that could be works of art. Stunning, eye-catching, and totally on-trend.


That’s all for today! Which trend was your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

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