Essay Writing Tips: Part Two!

Essay Writing Tips: Part Two!

Happy Monday!

I recently posted Part One of my essay writing tips and promised a part two. Here it is! These are additional tricks for writing the perfect essay.


  1. Write about deeper ideas: When planning your essay, don’t write about the very first thing that comes to mind. Spend some time brainstorming to find more meaningful ideas that will set your paper apart.
  2. Consider paragraph structure: Think of your paragraphs like triangles and inverted triangles- they will either start out broad and get more specific, or vice versa. Make sure you are using transitions, introducing ideas, integrating and citing quotations, analyzing quotations, and finally connecting your ideas back to your thesis statement.
  3. Use a consistent format: Who can resist a visually pleasing paper? Make sure your fonts, headers/footers, spacing, and structure is consistent throughout.
  4. Don’t summarize- interpret: When writing about any given topic, don’t summarize events. This goes for history reports, literary analyses, and just about everything else. Your teacher has most likely read the book or is at least familiar with it- get to the point and start interpreting what the text means.
  5. Include a title: If nothing else, a good title is a redeeming factor for an otherwise average essay. Nothing says “I put thought into this” like a creative, captivating title.


I hope these five tips were helpful! Don’t forget to go read Part One if you haven’t already. Happy writing!

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