Letting Go

Letting Go

Happy Sunday, my dears.

It has been a week of change; sad endings and new beginnings. But most of all, I learned that no matter how much you want to control the future, you just can’t. You can prepare for it. You can hope for it. But planning every detail of it…well. Like I said. You just can’t.

No one plans for sadness. No one wants to imagine the endings, but in order to have new beginnings, endings need to happen. Imagining the future gives us comfort right now. Knowing what to expect. Everyone feels scared in an unfamiliar situation.

But in all honesty, I want my future to be a surprise. Some of the best things in life are unexpected. No one sets out planning for a rainbow. But when you see one, it makes you so happy, so suddenly.

You never really know what’s around the corner…

That’s why I want to say thank you. Writing gives me a sense of “now” rather than tomorrow, or next week, or next year. Everyone is on a different track, but we all compare ourselves. There’s no rule saying when you should earn a degree or get married. Those things just happen when it’s your time.

Learning to let go is challenging. But letting go of plans and expectations opens the door for opportunities and surprises. I guess I finally realized I don’t want to spend so much time scrambling to catch up with the future that I leave the present moment behind.

I know this was different from my usual posts, but it’s something I wanted to put out there and it’s made enough of an impact on me that I think it’s important.

“Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.”

Thank you for reading this post. Thank you for reading whether I am writing about makeup products or deep existential questions. Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts with you.

Here is to new beginnings.




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