Easy Ways to Spice Up your Outfit!

Easy Ways to Spice Up your Outfit!

Happy Monday!

Today I am sharing some fashion hacks to help you put together interesting outfits in an easy way. Here they are:


  1. Add a layer: Whether it’s a scarf, a vest, or a jacket, adding a layer adds interest and dimension to an outfit, all while still looking effortless.
  2. Statement necklace: One of my favorite ways to dress up a plain crewneck is to add a statement necklace. It gives a plain outfit a little something interesting and dresses it up.
  3. Consider silhouettes: By adding a belt or a pair of heels to an outfit, you can change the shape and silhouette of how the clothing appears. Roll up a sleeve or tie a knot in your shirt and suddenly, that piece of clothing looks completely different.
  4. Colored pants: Instead of opting for basic jeans, try out khaki, gray, or black. Or heck, any color of the rainbow for that matter. It’s amazing what a spin a pair of red jeans makes.
  5. Layered jewelry: Stacking bracelets and necklaces adds an artistic flair. A choker is one extra accessory that takes zero effort but makes a t-shirt and jeans suddenly an “outfit.”


Those are all my tips for today. Make sure to let me know your fashion hacks in the comments! 🙂

Have a great week! Thanks for reading.



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