Hi my loves,

Today I want to share a little reminder with you. I want you to know that you can do anything with the right amount of confidence. The right amount- not too little, not too much. If you believe in yourself, everyone else will follow suit and believe in you, too.

You need confidence for all sorts of things. They can be microscopic- wearing a daring shade of lipstick- and macroscopic- starting a charity, asking for a raise, you get the idea.

Here’s my story. Starting a blog was my dream ever since I was in sixth grade. Sixth grade. So why didn’t I start sooner? I was afraid of what people would say and think. It took me years to work up the courage to make this happen. And now? I couldn’t imagine my life without it. Can you believe that? I almost abandoned my dream because I was afraid people would laugh at me. Here’s the truth, though: no successful person got where they are by worrying about people laughing at them. They just throw their shoulders back and make it happen.

If you have a dream, you just absolutely have to pursue it. Please, please, please. The world needs you to share your ideas. I had no idea what a difference it would make to stop worrying about opinions, failure, and problems and just go for it.

Sometimes, you just need that attitude. You need to smile, put on your game face and say “I can do this.” Tell yourself that you can and will be successful. Don’t make it a dream. Make it a plan.

A little more confidence goes such a long way.

You can do it.




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