Failed a Test? How to Come Back from a Poor Grade!

Failed a Test? How to Come Back from a Poor Grade!

Happy Wednesday!

All right, so let’s be real. We have all had a few bad test grades throughout school. And while no one likes a low score, sometimes they happen. Sometimes the class is just super difficult, or it wasn’t your day and you made a lot of mistakes on the exam. It happens, and that’s life and that’s okay! However, it can be demoralizing when a huge chunk of your percentage in the class was shaved off by a big grade. This can be especially frustrating in classes where exams are weighted, or there are not many grades put in besides tests. No one wants to stare at that unfortunate letter in the grade book forever, so here are some tips to raise your grade after a disastrous exam:

  1. Approach the teacher: Now, I can’t speak for college- but so far during high school when I have approached a teacher after a rough test, they’ve usually been willing to work with me. That doesn’t mean go to the teacher and complain that you didn’t get an A; it means be honest with the teacher about how much you studied for the test. If you prepared well but you weren’t happy with the result, there might be opportunities to re-take the test or do extra credit in the future. Additionally, your teacher will have helpful hints for how to study more effectively before the next exam. Make sure you ask for help if you feel you need it, and see if your teacher can help you practice for the next test.
  2. Do extra credit: If there is an opportunity for extra credit- even in a class in which you don’t feel you need it- do it anyway. Never pass up that opportunity. There is truly nothing to lose.
  3. Try something different: If a certain study technique didn’t work out for you the first time, try something different! Don’t repeat old habits if they’re not effective for you. If you’re going to spend time studying, you should make sure you’re getting the most out of it. I have an entire blog post on study skills where you can find some ideas.
  4. Buddy up: If you didn’t do so hot on the test but one of your friends did, ask them if they would be willing to help you study for the next test. The worst they can say is no! There’s no harm in asking, and most people would probably be flattered that you want to learn from them. Additionally, studying with another person can make the process a lot more fun and productive! You can also go over the old test with a friend and make sure you learn the right answers and the mistakes you made.
  5. Turn in all your work on time: This is obviously very easy, but you will be surprised how much it helps. Not only does turning in all assignments on time guarantee you some buffer points, but showing that you’re trying your best never hurts.

Those are all my tips for today! I hope you find these helpful and always remember that one bad test grade will not commit you to a lifetime of failure. It is easy to fret over a rough exam in the moment, but looking back, most tests I took throughout school are largely unimportant in my life now. Plus, when your score improves next time, you’ll feel extra great about it! 🙂

Additional tip: Make sure you go somewhere for help with the topic- whether it’s your teacher, a friend, online videos, etc. If you’re struggling with a concept now, it will probably come back on the final and you want to strengthen your understanding by then! 

Good luck on all your exams! Make sure to stay positive and try your best! 🙂



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