How to Get your Homework Done!

How to Get your Homework Done!

Happy Thursday, my dears!

Today’s post is all about how to minimize procrastination and get more work done. I have had a lot of homework over the last few days, and I know it can be hard to balance it with a social life and sleep. However, hopefully I can take my own advice and use these tips to maximize productivity and minimize stress!

Here they are:


  1. Make lists: I know I’ve mentioned this tip in so many posts, but it’s an important one. Make a list of all the homework you need to get done tonight, and prioritize your tasks from most important to least important. Usually, I write down my assignments in my planner (a.k.a. “My Bible”) and then I make a separate list to condense all of the tasks. Then, you can just check off tasks as you complete them!
  2. Minimize distractions: If you really want to concentrate well, I suggest putting your phone away. I know this is really hard, especially when you might need your phone for your homework. Even just putting it on “Do Not Disturb” for a few hours can make a huge difference in how much you accomplish.
  3. Work ahead: If you are assigned a massive project, start working on it the day it is assigned. This might sound like a lot, but if you bite the bullet and start working on it right away, you will be able to gauge how much time you will need to budget over the course of the next several weeks to finish this project on time. The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll be done. Plus, you’ll thank yourself when more work comes your way in the future and you already have some work done.
  4. Start your homework after school: I usually start my homework as soon as I get home, so that I can finish earlier and don’t need to stay up late. I know this can be tricky when you’re involved in sports and activities, but even if you just get a little bit of work done in the afternoon, it will help you out.
  5. Reward yourself: This is going to sound silly, but I will tell myself, “If I finish reading this chapter, then I can watch an episode of Gossip Girl tonight.” It doesn’t necessarily have to be Netflix, but giving yourself an incentive to get something done will help motivate you.


Those are all my tips today! Do you have any homework tips? Leave them in the comments! 🙂

Thanks for reading! Have a lovely day!


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